Testimonial 18


"The staff is great and everyone is very helpful! Beautiful, beautiful funeral home. They did such creative and thoughtful things such as a collage for my grandmother, 2 prayer cards (one in English and one in Portuguese), a sign-in book w/ all of my grandma's photos, a slideshow (which was a dvd that you get to keep at the end of the services), and a thank you card. Not to mention, my grandma looked great! She looked so natural and beautiful. It was nice to see that she was not plastered in a bunch of make up that would look nothing like her. Everyone complimented on how angelic she looked. We know that these are very difficult times and things can get very overwhelming, but McKenna-Ouellette made everything go by smoothly. Communication was great and they worked with us for anything we needed-from money to even the readings at the church. Very accommodating! I highly recommend this funeral home for anyone looking for a good place for their loved one!"

S. Alves